Monday, August 20, 2012

Brandy Put It Down In Music Video

Of all the women I can remember looking up to as a young kid, Brandy stands out most. That's because she had a hit show called "Moesha," which took up every kids Monday night. Because of Brandy my first celebrity crush after R. Kelly was Q. Do you all remember that sexy roughneck? Brandy taught me how to crush on cute men, showed me that teenage years were difficult, but then she disappeared. 

After a certain amount of bad press and no good music, Brandy disappeared for a while. At some point she became as relevant as the rest of the 90's singers that stepped away from the microphone. However, Brandy is now trying to make a comeback. If I was a kid still I'd welcome her music with open ears and enough cash to buy her album. However, I'm not that kid anymore. 

Ever since she appeared back on the scene the journalist in me has been questioning her talent. Does Brandy still have the voice? Has her skills gotten better? Can she dance? Can she compete with the new younger artist? Well, she finally released the music video to "Put It Down" and it looks like Brandy is competing pretty hard for her spot. Check the video below. 
I loved all the different weaves she was wearing. The dances were cool and the video looked fun. The journalist in me is still skeptical, but the kid in me is excited for her return.

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