Monday, March 18, 2013

New Show Fashion Queens On Bravo Network

Sunday night a new show, Fashion Queens, premiered on Bravo network. This show features Bevy Smith, Derek J., and Miss Lawrence. While they were probably excited to get their own show, the rest of us were stuck wondering who co-signed this hot ass mess.

Fashion Queens is nothing but some insecure people trying to make themselves feel better by throwing shade at others. Wait, it's not even shade. They are just purely mean with no comedy behind it. For instance Bevy, Derek J., and Miss Lawrence all had some comments about natural hair that quickly offended the twitter world.

This natural hair comments were originally toward Solange. Bevy started out by saying something nice. However, Derek J. quickly expressed his hate for natural hair. Apparently he feels that natural hair isn't for everyone. What? So is he trying to say Brazilian hair was made for African American women? I'm confused. See, this is why hair advice should not be taken from men. Miss Lawrence also had some words, but I wasn't paying attention.

This first episode of Fashion Queens is horrible. The only good thing about the show was Miss Lawrence's red boots. Those boots are the cutest. However, the rest of the show sucked. I won't be watching next week. Will you?

Wait, maybe the fact that we wouldn't like the show is why Bravo has made it a limited series. This is the first of only three episodes. It's a trial run. They've failed so far.

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  1. Yes the first episode was staggering..but i think the next one would rock.with some special touch..