Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Call Movie Recap

The following is a spoiler for the movie The Call. If you are interested in watching it do not read it. If you have already watched, continue to read.

On my day off I went to see The Call. At the beginning of 2012 I made it a goal to become a movie junkie. At some point that goal went down the drain as my attention was stolen away by practically anything else. However, now it's 2013 and I'm ready to try this again. This meant that when The Call first previewed I had to make time to see it.

The Call (starring Halle Berry) starts with an emergency operator name Jordan getting a call from a young girl claiming someone is breaking into her house. The operator gets all of the girl's information while telling her to hide from the stranger breaking in, but then panics when the call is disconnected. This loss of connection happens after the girl alerts her that the intruder seems to be leaving. Instead of leaving the situation alone the operator calls back. The ringing of the phone alerts the intruder to where the girl is and he kidnaps her. Jordan is distraught and not sure if she can continue her job afterward. She switches to just training new workers after the girl's body is found. Intense, right?

Well it gets more intense. While training new workers, Jordan tells a co-worker whose been there for six months to offer advice. That co-worker tries, but shows her lack of what to do when she gets a call from a girl whose been kidnapped from the mall. The problem is the girl is trapped in a trunk and using a prepaid phone. How did she end up there? The kidnapper, whose name is Michael, notices her alone in the mall and makes plans to get her. A whole lot happens after she gets put in that trunk. She is able to knock out a tail light, which alerts people to something suspicious. She pours paint to leave a trail and get someone's attention. Some stupid man ends up dead because of his lack of calling 911 first. Actually two  people die in the process of police trying to spot her. Oh, but guess which policeman was leading the investigation.

Jordan's boyfriend just happened to be a policeman and he was assigned to the case. Not only that, but he is  played by actor Morris Chestnut. While Chestnut did not get much film time, his character was not as boring as his usual type cast roles. Usually he puts us to sleep with his boring voice, but this time we wanted him to find the missing girl. He didn't. However he did find out that Michael had an older sister who died of cancer. The girls being kidnapped and killed resembled the dead sister. This is the part where the big screen movie turns into an old school classic Lifetime suspense movie.

Jordan, who knows not to become detached to the calls, gets extremely obsessed with this case. She is so obsessed that she goes looking for the missing girl herself. She was smarter than the police. While the police looked into the abandoned man's childhood home, she managed to find a hidden door under the grass. The hidden door led to where Michael took the girls and killed them. The way he killed them was by cutting off the skulls to get their hair. Why? I'm still not sure of that. Maybe he was trying to create new hair for his dead sister. She died when he was a kid though. He was a 36 year old man. None of it made sense. Anyway, the women won in the end. Michael, on the other hand, disappeared. Well, they made it so it would look as if he disappeared. See, classic Lifetime suspense movie.

The Call was good. You can never go wrong with a Lifetime story line, unless you hate Lifetime story lines. I just wish Morris Chestnut would have had more movie time. He needs to break out of the sexy boring man story line. He's starting to look like a hard working trophy husband with no personality.

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