Sunday, March 3, 2013

Putting Everything Off Until Later

I needed a break. My body has been desperately screaming for a break. One way of resting it was getting rid of that friend w/ benefits. The sex was good, but he was just taking more energy out of me. I needed energy to be put into me some way. My body was screaming to be revitalized. I chose to plan a break for later. Well, when your body needs rest it'll either come voluntary or involuntary. In my case it has been involuntary.

I caught the flu or some similar virus.

Approximately a week ago a cold front came through the area. During that day it from from nice and sunny to cold and windy. Even though I'm always equipped with a heavy jacket, it still caught me off guard. My already tired body just wasn't prepared for it. The next day I woke up coughing and sneezing. It was the type of coughing and sneezing that with some rest usually goes away. However, in my case it just got worse. Wednesday was my off day so I nursed the cold that was forming. Then Thursday, while I felt no different, I went to work. But wait...

I did feel different on Thursday. It was worse. I was still sick and my voice was gone. I had woke up to my voice fading in and out. I still went to work though. No one  suggested I go home either. After a few questions at the beginning of the day they eventually left me alone. I couldn't talk. My throat hurt. I was coughing. What could I do for anyone else. Rewind a second.

Before work a cousin called to ask if I'd do her a favor. I tried to explain to her with a hoarse voice that I was barely helping myself at the moment. Since then I've been home trying to desperately recover. It's now Sunday and I'm nowhere near 100%. However, tomorrow I will get up with the rest of the world and proceed to work. If I have to lay my head on the desk every couple of minutes it will just be that way.

I just wish I did not have to take time off from getting sick. It should  have been to attend SXSW, NABJ conference, or something else that would involve socializing. It seems like everything that I try to plan out always gets pushed to a later unknown date. This girl needs to do better.

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