Wednesday, March 26, 2014

All That Money Poem (The Weeknd The Morning My Version)

All that money
The money is the motive
You flash all that cash
Cause you know I want it
But first you want me to put in work
So I’ll put it work
Let you hit it from the back
No eye contact
While you concentrate on pleasing the pussy
I’m concentrating on the green
While we’re sexing be a man and keep control
Say my name and make me scream
Brag about your long hours
Brag about that six figure bank account
And how you don’t have a woman to spend any of it on
And I’ll reassure you that you have me
All that money
Let’s go on lots of dates
And take tons of trips out of state
Plus I’ll show off the nice jewelry
And brag about how you upgraded my lifestyle
All you want is for me to put in work
So I’ll boost your ego
Let everyone know you’re my man
And it’s your money I’m spending
I’ll put in work
Be the woman you imagine me to be
Miss Pretty Pussy
Or the type to have her own money too
Or the mother of your kids
If kids is what it takes to get us to the next level
All that money
You and me is the motive
Who we can be
What we can become

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