Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Can You Turn A (Male) Hoe Into A Husband?

There's so much advice given to women: so, so, so much. There's the advice on climbing to success in the corporate/entertainment world (my favorite), the advice on becoming a great wife, the advice to men on who not to marry (yes that's indirectly directed to us too), and advice on becoming great mothers. While I love the success advice, most of what is thrown at us is relationship advice.

As women, we're automatic nurturers from the day we're born. We nurture our relationships with our family while learning that we'll one day have to nurture the relationships in the families we create. That is if marriage is something we want. I want marriage. I want that wonderful husband that respects me as much as I respect him. I want the man that shows the world that he loves me as much as I'm showing my love for him.

However, so many men are approaching with so many demands now. There's the men in public and the ones online too. There is a guy on my Facebook page that thinks we're meant to be together. I think he's a sex addict. He has talked to me about a lot of things he has done sexually with a lot of women. Some of these women were even co-workers and managers of his. I'm pretty sure he won't read this because he only looks at my raunchy poems. The fact that he can admit to all of his sexual acts is amazing, but he's also made up in his mind that I'm the one for him. His reasons border along the line of being able to easily talk to me. I feel kind of bad because without knowing him, I don't see him as husband material.

Recently I had another experience with a guy younger than me. It was one phone conversation and in that one conversation I knew it was a bad idea to have given him my phone number. He was nothing close to husband material and far from what we would even consider a man being.

But there are many men out there that hit a certain age and are all of a sudden ready to settle down. They've had their share of women who would do whatever they requested in sex. Three-somes and ass-eating are innocent acts to them. However, now they're ready for marriage. You're not sure if they have moved past the options of sleeping with many women or if they respect having boundaries in a relationship.

Would you try to turn a male hoe into husband? I'll admit I wouldn't.

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  1. There are male hoes in MTA they just keep they shit hidden and I know