Thursday, March 13, 2014

#PreachersDaughters Raising Hell

Preachers children are the worst. At least that's what we've been hearing since the beginning of time. It's always been this unwritten rule that a child of a minister is out of control, but no one would specifically know if they've never hung out with one. That is where Lifetime network comes in. 

Last year Lifetime premiered a new show called Preachers Daughters. It features the Koloff family, Coleman family, and the Perry's. The point of the show was give us a visual of how the pastors manage being in control of their church and then trying to make sure their daughters are in control too. The girls Kolby, Taylor, and Olivia were not that wild. Olivia was showing how she was bettering her life after going through the wild stage and becoming a teen mother. Kolby was never bad, but her parents were making sure she didn't start to go down that road. It was an interesting season with many lessons. You can find information about it on this blog. I wrote about every episode. 

Season two of Preachers Daughters has started up, but Olivia is no longer a cast member. Kolby and Taylor have been joined by two other girls. There is Megan Cassidy and Tori Elliott. While Taylor and Kolby haven't changed much, the new girls are on the wild side. 

Tori reminds me of that wild side I barely let out. She like to hang with friends, party a lot, stay drunk, and stay broke. She was a police officer, but the pressures of the job was too much for her. At the point when the show was recorded she was jobless, got evicted from her apartment, and moved back in with parents. I love how she used a message from God to move back into her parents house. It's never something we want to do as adults, but sometimes it's our only option. 

Then there is Megan. Megan also likes to party a lot with friends. In these first two episodes we've seen her be a daughter, be a friend, and be an alcoholic. WOW!

This season is not for the faint of heart. These girls should also not be judged harshly, because the people judging have been there. 

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