Sunday, March 23, 2014

Glimpse Into The Rocky Side of A Career Path #SundayReflections

#NoFilter, Me Venturing Through Abandoned Office Spaces
Sometimes while working with you people won't let you know that they are tired of working with you. They won't let you know that they are ready to move on to bigger challenges, because they've surpassed whatever you have to offer. You may be excellent at al the opportunities you have to offer, but your opportunities simply just stop being enough for them. They won't let you know it that way though. Instead they'll make you look like the worse person on earth.

I've been watching WETV's hit television show "Mary Mary" and this season they are in an extra special mean mode. They are out to make that ex-manager Mitchell Solarek look like the most unprofessional person work with. In the last few episodes Tina and Erica have done a segment where they are sitting on a couch discussing why they needed to fire him. This recording went from pointing out the mistakes Mitch had made to bringing Erica's husband in the mix. Once Erica's husband became involved in the drama, it appeared Mitch was absolutely checked out of the job. After all, he does have other people's careers to manage. However, these ladies made it seem like they were the only ones he was working with and he was incompetent of doing that.

Last year Mary Mary fired Mitch as their manager. They are now managed by Kenneth Crear, a man also handing the career of Mindless Behavior. Around September Mitch was so mad that he filed a lawsuit against the ladies. I initially thought the lawsuit was a terrible idea, but after seeing the last couple of episodes he had a right to sue them. So he sued them in September and then moved on to concentrate on the other brands he works with. Now it's March and show's season is in full swing. The hate the women are showing is apparent to lots of people and even annoying Mitch at this moment. During a preview of the last show WETV tweeted out something pointing toward the drama coming up and Mitchell responded with some words and ended it with #KillMeOffAlready.

Someone recently put on their Facebook page that we often look too much into the lives of the stars. This is not one of those posts. I eventually want to venture into the entertainment industry. This is just a reminder to myself what could possibly take place and to have the toughest of skin depending on who I encounter. 

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