Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#PreachersDaughters Father, Forgive Me

I'm not sure who is asking for forgiveness on this week's episode of Preachers Daughters, but the episode is titled Father, Forgive Me. Whether or not they need forgiveness is up to whoever is watching. They've all messed up, but who doesn't?

Megan is on punishment in this current episode. Her parents are making her clean the whole house. The story behind Megan is that her father is executive pastor of the church, so it adds a lot more responsibility in her life. However, she doesn't like being a preacher's child. That is why she was put on punishment. She got caught smoking, but the lesson wasn't learned. By the end of the episode her parents are making her take a drug test because they smelled marijuana on her clothes. 

Then there is Taylor. Her parents hooked her up with Spencer and at the beginning of the episode she got in trouble for having Spencer at the house. The rule is no boys while her parents are away. It didn't end bad though. Ken, her dad, loves Spencer and that is also who ended up escorting her to prom. Prom is probably coming at a future episode. 

Kolby needs the least forgiveness out of all the girls. The spotlight wasn't on her in her family. It was about her older sister and battles with going to church. One of Kolby's sisters, Sam, does not like the idea of going to church. Sam loves God, but not so much church. However, since she's a mother the family pressures her to put her daughter in Sunday school. However, Sam has told everyone that the decision is between her and her husband. They don't listen though. 

Tori messes up when she tries to see her current man. While trying to spend time with him, she hooks her 16 year old sister up with someone. While they are out, their dad is calling each of their phones. Neither one answers. It gets bad when their father shows up to the tennis court and sees what they are doing. I actually had a problem with that scene before the father even showed up. 

Tori's younger sister was being very naive. Of course she didn't have any experience anyway. The boy asks what he can get. She lets him get a kiss, but then he says "Hopefully, more than that soon." He hasn't done anything to warrant a kiss, but he's already hoping for more. Then when the dad showed up it got worse. 

The dad said, "Do you know I'm her dad" and he replied "No Shit." 

You don't talk to someone's parent that way. He needs to get nothing more, no more attention, no dates, no phone calls, no anything until he learns some respect. He probably won't learn respect though. 

So, Tori and Megan are clearly the wildest daughters this season. I wonder if they'll get better. Alcoholism and smoking issues are nothing to be entertained with. They need help in those areas. 

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