Monday, March 24, 2014

Reacting To Mistakes, Accomplishments, And Stress

Last time I became really stressed, I started to distance myself from the people that was contributing to the stress. Sometimes you hit a point where there are no other people to avoid. 

A few weeks ago I tried a pole fitness class to release stress. It was just a simple class where music is played and I exercise however I want. It's $5 for every class, unless I pay to become a member at the place. I may start doing it regularly. 

Then there's also meditation. Someone suggested it to me on twitter and right after another person talked about how meditation helped him a lot. 

I could also get back to reading a whole lot more. So far I'm doing a lot of online reading and magazine reading. Someone (me) is currently getting free copies of Ebony magazine throughout the rest of the year. 

Then finally, there is the art of praising myself more for things I do right instead of beating myself up on my mistakes. I get a whole lot more right than wrong anyway. It's kind of like Drake says. There are no trophies for those of us who consistently work our asses off. We just work our asses off because we're supposed to. We're not supposed to make mistakes though, get worried about our bills, or even worry about how we're going to pay for those nice vacations. 
I'm going to try a little bit of everything just to start feeling a lot better. Currently I'm feeling drained. 

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