Friday, March 7, 2014

#MaryMary We All Mess Up (Message To Mitchell)

We all mess up. Everyone has to start somewhere. Starting means we don't know what we are doing in the beginning. We're acting on pure pre-learned knowledge, adrenaline, and whatever anyone is telling us to do in the moment. This also means we're making plenty of mistakes.

The first time Mitchell appeared in front of the cameras, we could all see his confidence. You have to have plenty of confidence to handle a Gospel power group. Tina and Erica were very demanding of Mitchell to handle their professional and personal lives. They needed him to know when to step up and when to step back. Most times he knew when to open his mouth, but then there were times where Mitchell didn't understand that he needed to back off. He wanted to be their manager, but at the time they needed to be alone. They needed to handle sister drama between the two of them and Mitchell continually barged in where his words were not needed. 

Now this current season of the show is here and we are seeing just how much Mitchell is messing up. In a previous post, I embedded a video where he talks about Mary Mary being his first music group. He was in commercial advertising beforehand and wanted a change. This was supposed to be his opportunity to wow the masses and become his own mogul. However, we've seen a descent in his career as a music manager. 

I don't think the ending of Mitchell's music management career happened while the cameras were rolling. That couldn't be it because we all mess up. His killer mistake was filing the lawsuit against Tina and Erica. 

Often times we invest so much of our time in one area of our life that we forget to really take care of ourselves. In Mitchell's case he invested all of his mental energy in doing his best with Mary Mary. He was so invested he couldn't recognize his own issues and when they got rid of him, he couldn't properly move on. Hence the lawsuit that is currently happening. 

I really hope he drops the lawsuit as soon as possible. Then he takes a long vacation and re-discovers the talented person living inside of him. He needs to find out what makes him happy and what new career he could easily move on to. 

I know this because I battle with it every day. I battle with not letting my mistakes go to my head. I battle with not letting other people boss me around just because they caught one thing I did wrong. I battle with anger issues and sometimes faking friendliness to get through the day. Even more, I've learned that every mistake is worth learning from. It doesn't have to result in acting your worst. Really paying attention to every tiny detail of what you're doing makes the difference in how you react. 

There's still more to come on this particular topic, so stay tuned.

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