Thursday, December 4, 2014

All I Want For Christmas~ Yardsoul Ft. Traedonya

Yesterday I saw the first Christmas tree of 2014 and also listened to All I Want For Christmas by YardSoul and Traedonya.  

The end of 2014 has not been a good time. The justice system is so flawed that in two different states the murder of citizens wasn't important enough for the grand juries to even give the killers (who happened to be cops) trials. In the last couple of months there have been non-stop protests going on around the country. Whether in person or on social media, lack of justice for Black people continues to be the number one subject of every conversation. However, it is nice to be reminded that this is also supposed to be a time of celebration. 

I also recently read a blog post by a blogger who is not Black. This blogger spoke on it being the holiday season and how every year around this time she tunes out all things bad or all things dealing with hard work and just relaxes until January 1st of the new year. I'm about to be like her and squeeze in as much relaxation as a full time job and responsibilities will allow. 

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