Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dear 2015 (Music, Television, And Personal Goals)

This is the time where everyone has made vision boards, created lists, and is still trying to figure out what comes next. Some are making five year plans while others are focused on the new year. One thing for sure is that the 2015 music that will hit the radio has already been picked out, unless you're the singer/rapper of course. Our 2015 television line-up has already been chosen for us too. All the we have left to make are our personal goals, so here it goes. 

Dear 2015,
My goals for the year are the same as 2014. The simple goals are to enjoy as much music as possible, live in the moment more often, and travel more (even if it doesn't involve leaving the city). The more complicated goals will be kept to myself until they are accomplished. Then I'll shout to the world my accomplishments and hope someone hears my voice right before it fades. That is all for now. 
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