Monday, December 1, 2014

#TheSisterhood Why Would A Woman Become A Nun?

Many of us have only been introduced to the lives of nuns through the classic movie Sister Act starring Whoopi Goldberg. There were actually two of those movies made and they were both very comical. However, unless we were raised Catholic the thought of nuns rarely crosses our minds. Lifetime has changed that though. Each week Lifetime has a new episode of The Sisterhood, which is all about several women deciding whether or not they want to become nuns.

What would make a woman decide to become a nun? For one of the women, 23 year old Eseni, it's growing up in a household with a father who was unfaithful to her mom and having trust issues with men. In the first episode Eseni admits that long before she met her boyfriend she had considered becoming a nun. She grew up in a Catholic school and those types of women were who surrounded her. Their lives also appeared a lot different than her own. However, the bad part about this journey is if Eseni decides to go for the journey, then she would be breaking the heart of a man she fell in love with.

The other girls on the show also have their own personal stories as to why they are considering becoming a nun. Some are leaving behind bad habits while others are just curious and open to anything. For this show what will see is the first process to being introduced into the sisterhood. It's called discernment and for television the process is being rushed a little. Tomorrow is a new episode and I'm curious as to what struggles these women will face and what their ultimate decisions will be.

I couldn't become a nun for one reason. In the first episode one of the nuns said the girls didn't appear to be taking it serious enough and they needed to get focused on the Lord. It came across very controlling and I'm the type of woman that looks for freedom in the purest form. Don't tell me where my focus is. Don't try to direct me without knowing me.

You probably thought I would say I wouldn't become a nun because of marriage and kids. I do want that, but neither are guaranteed at this moment. Watch the show with me.

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