Friday, December 5, 2014

Is Lil Wayne Through With Cash Money?

Lil Wayne sounds like the average frustrated working person right now, except his frustration is directed toward a multi-million dollar record label.

No matter what career we're in, many of us tend to get frustrated during certain times. We are never totally in control when we have bosses and our every move is being judged. That judgment makes us feel even more tense when the money to pay bills and do extracurricular activities depends on the paychecks.

In Lil Wayne's case it's not exactly the same. He has way more money than the internet can correctly calculate. He's a millionaire, but what makes him like the rest of us is his passion. His passion is in music and his love for music is why he's been signed to Cash Money, the same record label that he started off with as a kid. However, Lil Wayne hopped on twitter yesterday and blasted Cash Money, because his passion for music is not being put out the way he would like.

Remember the Carter V album that continues to get pushed back? Well, Wayne is now saying there are no plans for the label to ever release it and he wants out of his contract.

Does this mean Lil Wayne and Cash Money are no more? I remember back during middle school days I had a photo of him with Cash Money written across his chest. Now this might just be the end of that relationship.

A couple of years ago 50 Cent ranted about the same problems. His music was continually unreleased by the label and earlier this year he split from Shady/Aftermath to become an independent artist.

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