Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Now Solutions Clay Powder From

This winter I've been having fun browsing through online stores and one cool site I came across is 37th and Brae. There you can buy perfumes, colognes, lipsticks, and more for great prices. The following products were used for purposes of reviewing.

One of my biggest fears is adding new products to my face. I'm usually just a soap and water fan, but incidents occur. Pimples form, scars get left behind, and sometimes no amount of lotion can leave my face feeling as soft as it needs to be. Facial products are important. This is why I tried out the clay powder from Now Solutions. I have the European and Moroccan clay powder. In the following pictures, I'm using the European Clay powder. 
This facial mask is exactly as it looks. It starts out as powder and all you have to add is water. If you want you can also add oil too, but it all depends on your skin. I just added water and only used it on some of my face just to test it out. It went on my skin smooth and also came off easily. Afterwards the instructions say to moisturize the skin, which I did. My skin felt smoother than it normally does. This is definitely going to become a regular routine. 

This actually came as part of the Winter With Care Box, which includes True Religion Hippie Chic perfume. That perfume smells like Heaven. The Winter With Care Box costs $45 and can be ordered through the site.

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