Monday, December 29, 2014

Little Boy, About The White Boy Who Can Move Mountains

A movie is coming out soon about a young boy who can move, bottles, mountains, and possibly bring his father home from war. I saw the preview for this movie while watching Annie on Christmas day. 

Before watching Annie, which was a beautiful movie, there was some controversy. Among the troubles were the advertisements placed in stores like Target. The ads for Annie had orphans posing, but none of them looked like the actual actress that is the star. The actress is Black, but the little girl in the Target store is Chinese. 

Other controversy involved white people on twitter complaining about a black girl playing the orphan. The reasoning was simply that the original movie contained a red-haired white girl and it was dumb because orphans come in all shapes, sizes, and skin tones. The crazier part of the complaints is that these people complaining must have missed the other movie coming out, which involves a white boy that so badly wants his dad home that he moves mountains with his mind. 

Little Boy is the name and it's a faith based movie. It's about a little boy whose father has gone off to the war, but never returned. From the previews, the little boy wants his father home so bad that he develops telekinesis. In one scene he makes a bottle move with his mind and in another scene he actually makes a mountain move because his faith is that strong. 

This movie Little Boy looks real good. The previews are very emotional. However, I'm also curious as to how many people of my skin tone will be mad over it and scream to boycott simply because of the storyline. Watch the trailer below.

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