Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Reality Television Dreams #LHHH #RHOA

It all started with the first Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion. The Hollywood crew is officially my favorite of them all by the way.

Just think about it. Ray J. had his whole family and even introduced us to new faces. There were heirs from a Vegas strip club fortune. All the women seemed to have been sexually or flirtatious with all the men. We were able to see half of B2K officially become just Omarion and Lil Fizz. Lil Fizz's baby mama, Moniece Slaughter, became the new face of crazy reality television women, but unlike the others she still doesn't know she's crazy. That's probably why Moniece found her way into my dreams.

It all started by watching the reunion show. The show was friendly for only a few minutes. Ray J. apologized for talking horribly about Teairra Marie. Teairra accepted his apology, but then his girlfriend Princess appeared and all hell broke loose again. Princess obviously hated Teaiira and they began arguing. A lot of name calling happened, Teaiira got out of her seat, and then security was all over her. Mona Scott-Young then scolded Teairra and I was pissed off. I think Hazel E. appeared next on the couch. No one had her back in how awful Yung Berg treated her, so this is to you Hazel. Fuck Lame Ass Niggas Who Talk About Pentagons and A Woman's Treasures As If They're Still 15 When They're Really 15 Years Older Than That. *WHEW* I don't really remember what happened for the rest of the show, except Nikki's mom is my new favorite unofficial cast member. Why is Nikki's mom not on Mob Wives? Where is Mob Wives taped? Get her on the show. Nikki's mom said she'll take her clothes off and Masika can take her clothes off and then people will judge who looks better. Do we need to hear from any of the other cast members after that?
via the show
Wait, if you still want to hear what my dream consisted of it starts like this. I'm on a reality show which consists of a variety of reality stars doing whatever it is we do to entertain the public. Moniece is actually my best friend on this show. In this particular instance I'm writing lyrics about fuck niggas that become single fathers and make it harder on the baby mamas. Moniece looks at my lyrics, tweaks them a little, and begins singing better than KeKe Wyatt. Our singing session is taking place outside on a park bench similar to how Amina and Peter has done on the NY series, so there are plenty of distractions. One distraction consists of a group of fine men walking by.

The cutest of the crew is Justin from Baldwin Hills. I smile at him. He smiles back. However, Masika comes out of nowhere and steals him and the whole group of men away from us. How did she do that? What's so special about her?

I wake up for a couple of minutes and then go back to sleep. I'm no longer in Hollywood upon drifting back off. I've made it to Atlanta where NeNe Leakes is waiting to remind me that she runs the streets here. I'm offended, but not in a huge arguing mood. I don't even understand why NeNe made it into my dreams. After this I can't remember anything else, except maybe I need to calm down on reality television.

After the reunion of Hollywood Divas I'll take a break. I promise.

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