Saturday, June 26, 2010

BET Awards

The BET awards has been going on since 2000. Since that time many things has happened. Old school singers have reunited to sing some of their greatest songs. Comedians have imitated singers. There has been lots of cussing. Little children have walked on the stage during grown folks music. There have been lots of memorable performances and memorable shows. There has been lots of great hosts too, including Jamie Foxx who was drunk last year. 

Last years show was the most memorable. Michael Jackson died two days before the show was supposed to air and then a brand new show was rushed and thrown together in his honor. How many awards show would change their whole plan to honor one person? That was also Drake's biggest performance and the one where little kids walked on the stage. It was a hot mess. 

Because of the great performances, performers, ghetto hosts and announcers, and just plain hot mess BET awards is my favorite awards show. It feels almost like going to a family reunion. You have the people you look up to and the people who embarrass you. Hmn, I just wonder how Queen Latifah is going to make this awards show better than last years. 

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  1. I'm looking forward to Prince getting the lifetime achievement award, my mom instilled of a love of him in me lol.