Thursday, June 24, 2010

Freeing Herself

Freeing Herself
By Miss Too Sexy
(c) 2010
(Sometimes the sheltered life can leave a girl confused about the most important part of her once she steps into the real world)

She’s free now
Took her a while
She once floated on cloud nine
That was before she recognized her power
She’d prance around aimlessly, waving herself around
Faster, slower
Slower, faster
She learned how to sway to the rhythm of every beat she heard
Swish, swish
The hoola-hoop went as she started to recognize the skills of her outer layer
Then one night she was touched, a touch much different from getting cleaned.
The touch sent shivers of pleasure through her but scared her at the same time.
Her owner had taught her nothing. In fact her owner knew nothing, but would soon start learning.
The lessons were, “You can’t watch that. Cover your eyes. Keep yourself protected. As a matter of fact wait until marriage.”
So the lesson she picked up about herself was hide from the world
So she hid.
She built a bridge so the right guy would have to travel to get to her
However, her owner let a couple guys through to get a peek at her
She was excited until they failed to please her
She heard them saying they needed her
Yet they were deceiving her
She was saddened, hurt, felt neglected and disrespected
She didn’t understand why she wasn’t getting the attention she deserved
Then she realized it was the bridge
She had built it to hide
But she realized it was time to go back outside
Pick up the hoola-hoop
Move her outer layers to the beat of every song
Faster, slower
Slower, faster
Get back to cloud nine
And just be free

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