Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who Does Teala Dunn Look Like?

Recently while watching the show "Are We There Yet" I was trying to figure out what other show I'd seen actress Teala Dunn on. She looked so familiar that I could not let it go, so I decided to search the internet to figure out. The only show I could remember her from was Lifetime's "Strong Medicine."

When I realized Dunn was only 13 it occurred to me that I had the wrong girl. She just looked like someone. I had to find out who that someone was.

First I tried looking up the people who had appeared on "Strong Medicine." That did not work. Then I remembered that his mystery person had also appeared on Wanda Sykes short lived television show. I looked up that show and found the girl on my mind.

Her name is Jurnee Smollett and the first time I can remember seeing her is on the movie "Eve's Bayou." After that movie she was in a few other movies and has since been doing cameos on different shows. "Strong Medicine" and "Wanda At Large" are two shows where she did regular appearances.

The two of them definitely have some resemblances. The above is what Smollet looked like when she was 12. Maybe  when Dunn grows up she'll still resemble Smollett. The following is what Smollett looks like now.

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