Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Picture Complaints/The Beauty In Me

 A week ago I went to the club with a couple of girls. While there we took a bunch of photos. The next day I put some of the photos online. I thought all of the photos looked nice, but there was one girl who had a complaint. She said one of the photos made her look like she had a double chin. I laughed when I saw her complaint because I had never heard anyone say that about themselves before. To satisfy her I did remove the picture, but I couldn't help but think about it.

After a  lot of thinking I came to the conclusion that sometimes we spend so much time trying to look perfect that we forget enjoy ourselves in our worse moments.  We forget to take off the make-up, take off the nail polish, forget to put lotion on, leave our hair looking wild, and just admire ourselves.

Well I'm learning to admire myself at all times. That is why I took the following pictures. In these pictures I had just taken some braids out of my hair. My hair has been done since then, but the  look of my hair at the time is priceless.

Rough Hair, Don't Care LOL

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