Sunday, June 20, 2010


I just finished watching a play on BET. The play is called "Three Ways To Get A Husband" and it was not my first time seeing it. I saw it two years ago at the civic center here in Tallahassee.

I remember the day I bought the ticket for it like it. I was searching for friends to go see the play with me, but everyone was indecisive. If I would have waited for any of them going to the play would not have been an option, so I just bought a ticket. I did run into someone I knew when I arrived at the civic center. That person was on a date and it made me feel awkward because I was by myself. However, the play was so good that by the end being there alone didn't matter.

This summer I've spent a lot of time alone. A lot of the time I have felt lonely. However, the play reminded me that being by myself can be fun.

A few days ago I had conversation via text message with this guy. During the conversation he asked me if I was staying out of drama. I answered and then asked him the same question. He answered, but then he told me that I tend to get caught up in drama. It was weird that he would say that because I always assumed that those people who care about you are supposed to defend you (no matter what you get caught up in).
Actually I still feel that friends are supposed to be on your side when crazy things happen (or crazy people come at you the wrong way).

If you're reading this remember these words...Always defend the ones that you love and care for when they reach out to you. If you do otherwise you give off the perception that you never cared.

Speaking of men I'm definitely through with dating (or even meeting) them for a minute. There's so much going on in my life that I don't even see how I will be able to meet new men any time soon. I'm focused on finding a job, continuing my writing, moving back to Houston, living with my parents for a couple months, and getting the equipment and money to follow my dreams. Men are definitely on pause unless I already knew them.

Maybe this whole transition means the man of my dreams will surprise me and bring me back to reality. I really do look forward to falling in love and then creating a cute nappy headed child from our bond.

School, men, friends, enemies, and drama have clouded my mind since the moment I stepped into high school. That was almost 10 years ago and I can truly say that I do appreciate most of the moments I spend by myself. I've created this world that I love. It's the world of "Miss Too Sexy." In this world I'm apart of BBC, I'm writing the script, and people aren't driving me crazy . I'm content, but only in the world of "Miss Too Sexy."

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