Friday, November 1, 2013

27 Lessons In 27 Years

I took this at MiMi's Cafe
I struggle at deep thoughts when it's not in a poem, but here's an attempt. I turned 27 two days ago and within the last month I've learned that there have been some important lessons placed in my life. Initially there was a hashtag of 27 confessions, but lessons is the appropriate word. Are you ready for them? Yeah, you're ready.

  • You Are Not A Bad Person
  • You Have To Learn The Art of Selfishness Before Sharing
  • The Only Person Constantly Thinking About Your Protection Is You
  • Money Doesn't Buy Everything
  • Money Is Needed For All Your Necessities 
  • The Older You Get The More Expensive Your Actions Become
  • Self Image is In The Eye of The Beholder
  • At Some Point You'll Appreciate Being Alone
  • You Can't Change Anyone's Mind
  • You Can't Fight Being Vulnerable
  • Crying Is Better Than Holding It All In
  • Conquering Fears Is Okay To Do 
  • There Will Always Be Someone Better
  • It's Okay To Let Go of Friends
  • The Boogey Man Is Real
  • Responsibilities Can Consume Your Life If You Let Them
  • The Perfect Time To Live Is Now
  • There Is No Such Thing As Waiting (Unless It's 5 Minutes)
  • Make Room For Flexibility In Your Life
  • Plans Falling Apart Has Nothing To Do With Your Preparation
  • The Stuff Tagged "Inspirational" Is Not Always What Inspires You 
  • We Are All Damaged 
  • You Control Your Side of The Story 
  • You Should Not Take Every Piece of Advice To Heart 
  • Someone Will Always Blame You
  • There Comes A Time When You Have To Unlearn All Lessons
  • Someone Is Always Being Entertained By Your Life

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