Monday, November 11, 2013

Money, I Mean Blood, Is Thicker Than Water (#ThickerThanWater)

Via Uptown Magazine 

Money, I mean blood, is thicker than water in Bravo’s new show “Thicker Than Water.” This show follows the lives of the Ben Tankard and his family. Ben has the typical story of rags to riches, except his riches are not of the norm. As an ex-professional basketball player turned Gospel producer, he’s now worth $5 million.

The show starts off with he and his wife talking about their fabulous empire. His wife Jewel brags about being married to a rich reacher (not preacher), and calls herself a millionair-ess. Jewel admits that she only uses private planes and Ben admits that he owns several of them. She’s so stuck on thoughts of money that she even has a list of “Billionairess Confessions.” Every woman has ways of self-motivating, but Jewel names off all material possessions.

The thoughts of being rich do not stop at the parents. The children are so obsessed with money that Ben’s oldest daughter, Brooklyn, started hustling at the age of 18. She found money in an underground stripper lounge called the “Kitty Kabin Lounge,” but it all fell apart when she was arrested on her 21st birthday. After learning of Brooklyn’s struggles, Ben acts like a good father and moves her into the house. However, it seems as if Brooklyn is angry at the fact that her father was barely there when she was growing up.

Now this family isn’t just about money. Although the show makes it seem that way, they are about more. The Tankards are offering hope to us less fortunate people. There is a clip of Ben telling his congregation that the bright lights are bright like their future. One of the daughters is also shown going to the prom with a future rich basketball player.

This family is what the American dream consists of. The Tankards gives you rich, successful, and of course ratchet. Although, the confusing part is whether they are trying to promote blood being thicker than water or money being thicker. 

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  1. Please post the billonairess onfessions by Jewel Tankards.Thanks.