Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Different Levels Of "Stuck" #SundayReflections

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in different situations? No matter what you did you couldn't figure out how to pull yourself back up. Then one day you actually did pull yourself out of that situation. You felt free for a while until another obstacle approached. Again, you were starting to feel like no matter what you tried to do you wouldn't be able to move forward. Someone didn't want you to succeed. Something wanted you to stop trying harder and become complacent. Somewhere in the world someone was doing a lot better for you and maybe that's because it just wasn't meant for you to do better. Well, I have news for you. There are different levels to being "stuck." 

The levels are totally dependent, mildly independent, and successfully complacent. 

Totally Dependent
We all go through this level of stuck. This is the level where you have nothing at all. You depend on everyone else for food, shelter, and clothes on your back. At least that's what the law says your parents have to give you. See, this starts the day you are born and continues until the day you get your first paycheck. For some it can surpass that first paycheck because the money is not enough for you to take care of yourself. You may be able to buy yourself a meal or two, but you still need someone else to survive. 

Mildly Independent
This is the level where you finally step out into the world on your own. You have goals, money, and you are living on your own. Maybe you have roommates. It all depends on what you want. However, you aren't paying all of your bills. In ln my case someone else is helping with student loans and car payments. Even with help, you still can barely afford all of your bills. Your heart skips beats when those energy bills start to rise, you bite your nails when gas prices fluctuate, and you use your credit card often to keep from zero-ing out your checking and savings accounts. It's all good, but it's all bad at the same time.

I'm stuck in the mildly independent stage. People all around me keep throwing out these budgeting plans, but there are problems. I have goals. Goals don't care about a budget. I also want to have an abundance of money. With budgeting, I feel that I am admitting to myself that it's just not getting better soon, so I should just settle for what I have. I have very little, so with a budget all there would be is focusing on work and coming home. 

Not everyone experiences what I'm going through. Some people know how to work with all they have. They look at their paychecks and never spend over amount they make. That's called responsibility. Maybe that is also why I feel stuck. I'm not ready to admit to all the responsibilities that have fallen into my lap. There is so much in life to experience and I'm tired of something always getting in the way. Yet, something is always getting in the way. 

Successfully Complacent
Everyone knows someone that is in this stage. This is the stage where someone has traveled so far from their goals that it barely seems to matter anymore. They decided that having an abundance of money is better than being able to smile. Well, they have happy moments, but not an over all happy life. Life is stressful. The job is rough and aging them. They tend to isolate themselves when not the job, or they splurge on shopping trips to get away, or they even tend to drink a lot. They can afford to get away every now and then because their bank account allows it. They just have become used to a stress filled life and they are not trying to do anything to get away from it. 

It's crazy, but if I can't accomplish my goals I at least want to be successfully complacent.

Which level are you on? Have you overcome the limitations? A girl that needs help needs to know how. 

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  1. I just want to live well independently, write and travel the globe.