Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My LHHNY Review Over At "I Can Repeat It"

As you already know I'm writing reviews on reality shows that leave a lot to talk about. Love and Hip Hop New York Season Four is definitely striking up conversations around the web. This week I decided to take the angle of why it's better to be a single woman out in the streets and LHHNY gave a whole lot of reasons. Keep reading.

Love and Hip Hop New York’s second episode of the season is appropriately titled “Stray Bullet.” This is because Cupid isn’t shooting arrows anymore. Instead he’s trying to kill all of our hopes and dreams of that fairytale love through reality television.

The latest episode LHHNY gave so many examples of messed up relationships that it was hard to keep count after the first five minutes. From secret marriages to paternity tests it’s no surprise that Maury isn’t cast member yet. Actually Maury, Dr. Phil, and Iyanla all combined wouldn’t be able to save these relationships. In fact after watching there are some clear examples of why being single in 2013 might be more beneficial than having someone to keep the other side of the bed warm.
Go to I Can Repeat It for seven reasons from the latest episode that will make you want to stay single. 

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