Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Black Panties, What You Can Learn From R. Kelly

R. Kelly has a new album "Black Panties" dropping soon. R. Kelly is trying to teach you all some lessons and many of y'all need an education on women. 

I know this because I'm in this sex group on Facebook. Everyday people ask several sexual and non-sexual questions in the group. Almost everyday they are the same exact questions. Some are "which position gets a woman the wettest," "is a bigger Ass better," "how can you make the sex better," etc. There are so many questions on how big the penis has to be, or if anyone likes swinging, or the best time of day to have sex, or even how often they have sex. No matter how many times the questions get asked, answers never seem to form. Well sometimes answers form, but then they get ignored. This is usually why they get asked so many times, but singers like R. Kelly are providing everyone with the answers. 

Well, R. Kelly is working hard in "Black Panties" to let men know what the key to life is all about. That key to life is making sure a woman is happy. After reading the track list for the album, I came up with five specific lessons he's providing.

1. Always Physically Admire and Please Your Woman Sexually
There's Legs Shakin', Cookie, Marry The Pussy, Crazy Sex, Tear It Up, Show Ya PussyGenius, All The Way and Physical. He has sex song titles specifically about what you should do sexually to your woman. If you need any more direction, just ask the woman you're about to have sex with. 

2. Women Love Money
There is Throw This Money on You and Spend That. When it comes to dating men are very cheap, but women it comes to the strip club you men will give away three or four paychecks in one night. We women love money. R. Kelly is telling you that. Throw some money on your woman in the bedroom or at least take her out on some actual dates. Life can't always be about just sex. 

3. Every Position Is A Get Us Pregnant Position
There's a picture circulating around the web of a man sexing a woman. In the pictures he has her legs in a position that's bound to have her legs sore the next day and he's trying to get in deep. They call this the "get you pregnant" position, but reality is every position can get you pregnant. I'm pretty sure that's not the message R. Kelly is giving in his "Every Position"song, but it still sounds good. 

4. Women Are A Part of Your Story
Well he does throw women in his song My Story.

5. We Women Deserve Better 
There is a song on the list called You Deserve Better. I'm guessing that's because no matter what men do, we always deserve better. That might also be the reason why marriages are able to last 50 years, 60, or even until death do us part. 

I didn't include Right Back, Shut Up, and Prelude in the five descriptions. We'll just have to wait until the album to understand exactly what lessons are hidden within them. 

Inspiration behind this post came from the blogger who wrote the very fun post 8 Lessons I've Learned From R. Kelly on Thought Catalog. 

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