Monday, November 25, 2013

#LHHNY Why I Hate Saigon and Erica Jean's Storyline

On every reality show there is one person, or maybe a couple, that absolutely has no business being there. For Love and Hip Hop NY those people are Saigon and Erica Jean. The story line is just plain stupid. Even more it makes them look very dumb and not in an entertaining way.

The season started off with Saigon coming on as a new cast member on the show. Tagging along with him happened to be the dumbest most naive baby mama on earth, Erica Jean. Their story line is they've been friends for years, but not lovers. They became lovers one night when they both got drunk and ended the night with sex. Because they were intoxicated neither considered wearing a condom, so the result was a child. The problem began when Erica started having normal pregnant woman mood swings during her pregnancy. Every woman carrying a life inside of her feels millions of uncontrollable emotions at times. However, even though Saigon is already a father, he didn't take that into consideration. He took Erica's meanness as not liking him at all, so he dipped out of her life before the baby was even born. Then when the baby was eight months old Erica had a change of heart about including Saigon in her and their child's life. 

On national television we are having the pleasure to witness these two get together and decide to get into a relationship for the child's sake. But the camera is catching all the issues. Issue number one comes when Saigon questions whether he is actually the father. He was already a deadbeat ass daddy for disappearing over a few mood swings and then when he actually has the chance to be a good father his first reaction is that he might not be the daddy. Shut The Hell Up! I would have been like "Fuck You" but stupid Erica questions whether or not the paternity test should happen. Of course Saigon took the test and it came out positive. 

Now on this most recent episode of LHHNY Saigon decides to act as a teacher also. He uses google and determines that his child should be more advanced than the baby already is. Now that google has given Saigon a teacher's certification on how to handle babies, he sits Erica down. During the conversation he admits he has a daughter a month older than his son. Well, What The Fuck were the doing trying to have a relationship in the first place? This nigga don't know how to resist any p88sy. Finally Erica gains some kind of sense and gets mad. She continually shouts "fuck you" and walks off. During the confrontation Saigon is dissing her parenting skills over and over. He calls her the hoodrat, but he's the one that doesn't know how to wrap it up. 

See, the real problem with the story line is Saigon is a rolling stone. He's a Bitch-Ass nigga that keeps making dumb decisions. He's one of those rappers that should never air out his dirty laundry, because that mess ain't right. He's the average man that sleeps with women and then accuse those women of seducing him when he was the real thirsty one in the situation. 

What do you think about their dysfunctional relationship? 

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  1. She actually has said on the show that SHE is the one who pushed him away. Who wouldn't question paternity when a woman doesn't even want you around a child until that child is EIGHT MONTHS OLD, especially if it's true that they only had sex one time (which I don't believe, and I also don't believe they were friends before). Second, regarding the baby development situation: if you have a baby that's not speaking when he is NEARLY TWO YEARS OLD, there is reason for concern. He shouldn't have blamed her, but his concern was valid. And as a mother, her reaction was one of guilt. imo.