Friday, November 15, 2013

Braxton Family Values, A Very Public Affair

How many times can a Braxton woman get cheated on? Maybe the better question is how many times can a Braxton decide that staying is better than leaving? Actually an unfaithful man can become any woman’s problem, but over the last few years we’ve been exposed to the issues of five women.

They are Toni, Traci, Tamar Braxton-Herbert, Trina, Towanda, and their mother Evelyn Braxton. Unfortunately for these women, their show “Braxton Family Values” is becoming similar to “Love and Hip Hop.” It’s situational. In previous seasons the cheating issues were between Trina and Gabe. While some men enjoy pretty women physically in front of them, Gabe battled an Internet sex addiction. Trina dealt with it for as long as she could, but the end result was divorce. While Trina was going through her issues, Towanda broadcast her issues too.

Continue over to I Can Repeat It to read what I had to say about Towanda and Tracie's problems. These women could be a representation of how all couples need counseling to make their marriages work. 

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