Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Success Doesn't Want You And Me (Poem)

Success doesn’t want you and me
I see it’s choosing
We can’t both win you see
I’m the one that’ll end up losing
You’re the one that’s pushing on
Long days and longer nights
From city to city you go
Enjoying the way the wind blows
But working your butt off
Working hard at all costs
They see you
They hear you
They cheer you on and on

Success doesn’t want you and me
They can sense my fear you see
And sense how unprepared I am for the world
I keep asking for help
But my cries go ignored
Maybe it’s because no one else really knows
I tried to find the energy to do it all on my own
Tried to map out plan after plan
Tried to get to the money you see
But someone thinks I’m better at mediocrity
At least that’s what life is currently offering

Success doesn’t want you and me
Only one of us can be great you see
You’ve made it from point A to point B
You’re already halfway to point C
But me, I’m so tired it’s looks like I’m jus chillin’
They’ll call me lazy for taking vacations
And judge me when I don’t feel like working
They’ll call me crazy a year or two from now
Because I still won’t be married
They’ll be asking where’s my kid
And I’ll tell them Lonely is always nearby

Success doesn’t want you and me
So you go on and achieve
I’ll make myself invisible
And just be your bookkeeper
I know your goals
And how far you’ve gone
I know what all you want
You’ll go for it all and never stop
Maybe one day I’ll try again
But for now I’ll accept that success can’t accept us all

I wrote this after listening to a love song. I hope you enjoyed it. 

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