Sunday, February 9, 2014

#BloodSweatHeels Is Mica Still Drunk?

This is what we'll find out on tonight's (2/9/14) episode of Blood, Sweat, and Heels. The following post  first appeared on Since I'm so late posting it here, I'll just give you the whole thing. Keep reading.

“I don’t need alcohol to control me. I just need it to relax for what I was about to see.”- Mica Hughes

If you thought Bravo’s show “Blood, Sweat, and Heels” would be all about girl power, you’ve probably rightfully changed your mind.
With only four episodes to date, something about every woman has been questioned in a bad way. The first huge problem that popped up was Demetria’s blog, but as her infamous blog post fades away Mica’s issue is coming to light.
Alcohol is not a problem if you don’t see it as one, right? From Mica’s very first introduction of the show to the last episode, a glass of wine has been worked into almost every one of her scenes. Initially Mica appeared to be the fun party friend that also happens to be her own boss. Everyone shrugged her actions off up until the third episode, whether both Mica and Melyssa became extremely drunk at Geneva’s business party. That led up to Mica being the star of these next couple of episodes.
Episode four, also called “Papa Can You Hear Me,” starts off with Mica, Melyssa and Daisy having girls time. They’re sharing accessories, having some wine, and laughing. It all seems innocent up until the next scene. This is when Mica becomes a huge problem.
Geneva and Demetria, who started out as enemies, went to lunch to discuss Mica’s bad behavior. They were appalled that night and still embarrassed that the drunken behavior took place. While they were still disgusted, Mica was discussing her issues with her dad.
It all started when her mother and father divorced because of how mean he was to the both of them. After divorcing her mother, Mica tried to continue a relationship with her father, but he never wanted it. He was cruel and even on his death-bed, she still couldn’t find a father. There’s a scene in this episode where she has to get a drink before going to the hospital. Although the other women appear to be nice, the only person that seems to really support what she’s going through is her boyfriend. Well Daisy also seemed concerned.
However, Geneva did not appear to care. In every scene up until the last one she brought up how Mica acted at her business party. After so much discussion about the alcohol, Demetria and then the rest of the women slowly became worried about Mica. In fact even at Brie’s parents house, they were worried Mica would be drunk. However, after everyone had made it to the Hamptons she was nowhere to be seen. That is up until the very last part, which led to the February 9th preview.
We’re not sure what is going to happen, but two questions are in the air. Does Mica act wild at Brie’s parents house and will she still be drunk?

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