Wednesday, February 5, 2014

#WildflowersUnscripted A Day In My World

It's five days into the blogging challenge and I almost quit. Day five is all about a day in the life of me, but there's one problem.

My days have become super boring. You know that Beyonce verse "working 9 to 5 just to stay alive?" My day is like that, but backwards. 

I start off by getting off work at midnight and catching up on the previous day's shows. Wedsnesday started off by catching up on Tuesday night's "Being Mary Jane." I still have to write down my thoughts of that. Along with that I search for the latest gossip. Today's gossip started off with DMX being chosen as the celebrity that would fight George Zimmerman for money and will probably end with whatever artists are on TV One's Unsung tonight. However, usually after hours of watching tv, reading, and writing, I fall asleep around five am. Then while the rest of the world is going about that 9 to five, I sleep until at least 1 pm to be prepared for the 3 to midnight shift. See? Boring. 

Well, it's not very boring if you dig a bit deeper. While everything is outwardly slow and mundane, inside my mind there is so much going on. I have stories for decades, sex thoughts that would make a dude cum without even touching me, and way too many unfinished plans for my life swimming around. Sometimes I fall asleep thinking about how there isn't a man laying next to me. Then I wake up hours later in the city of Houston wishing I could be in the busy streets of New York, watching the calm ocean waters somewhere in Cali, or being able to take in the beauty of mountains somewhere not preparing my mind to deal with the stress.

P.S. As far as the picture goes, I decided to stray away from my regular plans and buy a wig. Anyway wig wouldn't work though. I purposely wanted a bright red wig, but then before buying it I toned it down and bought one with some red in it. Anyway, for those of you participating in the #wildflowersunscripted writing challenge, I'm about to read about your days now. 

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