Monday, February 24, 2014

The Meaning of Black Love by Devin Starling

What does black love mean to you? Currently I'm curious about everyone's perspective of how love should be and what people are actually seeing in their communities. I already have a survey of answers I've received. It doesn't necessarily have to be love between two black people, but since I'm black that's the main focus. A Facebook friend, Devin Starling, decided to write what he thinks in a poem.

Black love is brilliant…intelligent & intellectual….two souls entwined to form one….super woman and he-man... love so strong it can be felt from a physical appearance...the farther apart the stronger it will's black love you can't break the forward to 2014 all I momma drama....father's planting seeds without nurturing the roots. self discipline. is all that counts..people selling they're soul for a small dollar unity in the community. ...the village is gone...babies raising babies. ..the old wisdom is gone

Do you agree with his perception? What do you think black love is?

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  1. I agree with his thoughts on black love until he gets to the part about "fast forwarding" to 2014. What he describes after that point are just foolish acts that are carried out by individuals that happen to be black. Black love is still out there.

    To me black love is an unspoken bond, my Batman to your Robin. It's an understanding, it;s a look that you give to one another and know what the other is thinking in a given moment. That old school black loving is still around, you just have to pull that old black couples's coat tail and get advice from them on what kept their love strong. You can either take what is useful or discard what is not. Black love like any other relationship requires hard work, compromising, and dedication.