Monday, February 24, 2014

Survey: What Does Black Love Mean To You?

Black history month is a time to celebrate our history. It's a remembrance of the people who worked as slaves so we could be free, worked for very little so we could get paid, took care of their families so we could follow the tradition, and show pride so that today we could have pride for ourselves and each other. However, I've noticed many people are struggling this year with showing their pride for who they are.

There are discussions going on about how blacks aren't working hard enough. There is the discussion that all you hear in Hip Hop are insults toward black women. Some black men are currently Hell bent on reminding black women that they also have the options of dating outside the race. There's just one problem with this. If all we're talking about are the issues, where is the love? Do we as a black community really know how to love each other and create families or what black love even means? I've asked several people what black love means to them and below are some answers I received.
  • Black love in the sense of two educated and hard working people. A man and a woman and the two looking nice together. Nothing against the gay black couples but, there is just something special about a black man and woman. And just the two treating each other well with kindness and friendship and. A lot of passion.
  • My idea of black love. Have to get back with you on that one. I have seen people who have been together for a few years to 63 years. Thats a good question.
  •  Black love is two people being together because they LOVE to, which means they both have positive emotion whether they are in the "relationship" or not.
  • I mean to me its good love but it has a lot of up in downs ,but us as black people can over come that with godly love.
  • I've been thinking about it since you asked and I have no idea how to answer that question.
  • My perception is black love is a bit tainted, if I can be honest. I haven't had good experiences. But I would like to think that black love is strength, perseverance, and tenacious. Black love can withstand the test of time even when flawed. It's beautiful and as crisp as winter air. It's as wide as the Pacific Ocean and it runs as deep as a valley
  • Only thing both can familiarize themselves with is their exterior….. they have black skin….. but don't know much about who they are, their heritage.. and love, how can folks recognize love when they have never felt the purest part of it.
What is your perception of black love? Is this something you struggle with? The next post is a poem by Devin Starling explaining what he thinks black love should be and what he is really seeing where he lives.

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  1. to me, when both parties are all in, Black love is a beautiful thing. There are things about you that only a black partner can truly fully understand. And I say this as a black woman who has dated interracially. There is nothing quite like black love.