Friday, February 21, 2014

The End Result Is All That Matters #DomesticAbuse

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In the video you can see football player Ray Rice dragging his unconscious fiancee's, Janee Palmer, body out of an elevator. He's not even carrying her. He drags her body as far out of the elevator as he can. Her legs are still kind of inside the elevator, but he moves them away from the doors as what looks like a security guard approaches them. At this particular time, she is still laying face down on the ground. The officer says something and he taps her to wake her up. Then he steps away to the side and it looks like he's glancing at his phone. She awakens and starts rubbing the side of her face as the officer is paying attention to her.

I was shocked when I saw this video. It was footage from a Las Vegas hotel. The couple had gotten into an argument that night. Since the police didn't know the full result and by law they have to charge both people in a domestic dispute, both were charged and sent on their way. However, after watching the video the charges don't even matter.

The end result of this situation happened to be caught on camera. This football player hit the mother of his child so hard that she lost consciousness. What usually happens in these cases is the couple either gathers their things and goes separate ways or someone at some point ends up on trail for murdering the other person. It could be him since we all know he's brave enough to silence a woman to the point of silence. Or it could be her, because she'll be tired of the fists coming her way one day and use more than her own hands to fight him.

It's horrible to see the violence going on in people's relationships. However, its even worse when these cases make it to the courthouse or end up behind prison cells. Why? Because we don't care about the history of the people involved. We don't care what battles they had to fight beforehand or what a Bitch the woman was to him. All we see is what's in the video or what it can lead to if it continues.

I posted this in a group and someone I respect commented saying research her background. That was the moment I had to disagree. This is just my opinion. Maybe you think all the abusive things she's yelled at him, her hitting him first, her possibly being with him for money, etc. matter. It just doesn't matter to me.


  1. The only time a man should put his hands on a woman is if he felt like his life was in danger and he was defending himself. If they woman is out of control, he needs to have enough sense to remove himself from the situation. You cant stay in a relationship with someone that continues to provoke you to the point that you start acting out of character. Its called making smarter choices and self control!

  2. I completely agree with the comment before mine. It's never okay.