Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Noticeable Moments From Love and Hip Reunion Part One

I'm just going to say this Love and Hip Hop Reunion was all about Real Love and Heart Aches. Everyone's favorite "Skinny Bitches Are Evil" comedian MoNique, hosted this season's Love and Hip Hop reunion show. I love MoNique because she has proven herself across the board with multiple skills including comedy, acting, and life-coaching. She has done so much that you can arguably saying she's pimping the game right now. That's why it was a fresh breath of air to see her hosting instead of Mona Scott-Young.

Now along with a new host came arguments with actual lessons behind them. The first biggest argument ( done by Erica Mena, Rich Dollaz, and Cyn) started out the noticeable moments from the episode. Let's recap those real love and heart ache moments.

I say aches instead of breaks because none of these people are broken. If any of them were broken, they wouldn't have shown up for the reunion. In fact, they'd have ripped up those lifelong Vh1 contracts and stopped showing up period. So they are aching, but haven't reached the point of breaking.

Although it would appear that by the end of the first segment Erica Mena might have been broken. As Erica and Rich were in the midst of arguing, MoNique calmed it down by hitting a big emotional button. She went for the "LOVE" card. She brought to everyone's attention that we were witnessing two people so deeply in love that they don't even know how to cope with it. Well, she didn't say those exact words but I perceived it that way.

Then there was the moment between Joe Budden and Tahiry Jose. Those two are lost souls forever tied to each other. They started from the bottom together, made it to success, battled it out in front of the world with several break-ups, and then really ended their relationship for everyone to see. Then again, is it really over? No matter how many times Joe has cheated or Tahiry has screamed, it's clear that they love each other.

Finally it ended with the craziest love triangle we've ever publicly seen. It was between Tara, Peter, and Amina. Although Tara was quick to calm Amina dumb, she put herself in Amina's place by talking about her love for Peter being so strong she believed his lies. Although Amina just wanted to sing, she and Peter took it to a new level by performing a song directly aimed at Tara. It was called "Don't Wanna Be Right" and it was so wrong in that setting.

I've listened to "Don't Wanna Be Right" so many times since Amina first put it on youtube. In fact I bought the EP based off that one song, but she and Peter should not have performed it in front of Tara. Actually, maybe they should have because I laughed through the whole thing. However, I wasn't laughing when all three were sitting on the sofas facing each other. There was clearly love and heart ache being passed around.

Did you shed any tears? Well, you might need more napkins because there is a Part 2 next week.

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  1. Everyone on that show need to take a seat! they are all living messy lives.