Sunday, February 9, 2014

#WildflowersUnscripted Theme Songs of My Life

Today's #Wildflowersunscripted post is all about the theme song of my life. I couldn't choose just one, so I wrote about several.

I purposely skipped over yesterday's theme of a different/new city. It's mostly because I talk about wanting to move so much that it only felt right to give all the other bloggers a spotlight to tell their stories yesterday. If you're curious about mines anyway, I'll tell some more traveling tales and write about some more moving dreams eventually.

Monica's "Before You Walk Out My Life" is my theme song to lost friendships.

"Sometimes it makes me wonder where would I be if you hadn't discovered, which I did, inside of me. I knew there was something that we could compare."

"Never meant to cause you no pain. I just wanna go back to being the same.Well I only wanna make things right before you walk out my life."

Brandy's "Almost Doesn't Count" is the theme song of my love life up until this point. 

"Almost heard you singing you were finally free. What was always missing for you, baby, you found it inside of me." 

"Gonna find me somebody not afraid to let go. Want a no doubt, be there kind of man. You came real close, but every time you build me up you only let me down." 

Nas "If I Ruled The World" is my theme song to success. 

"If you could be mine, we'd both shine."

"Imagine everybody flashing, designer fashions. Lacing your clique up with diamond vogues. No rubbers, go in raw. Imagine the law with no undercovers. Just some thoughts for the mind. I take a glimps into time. Watch the blimp read 'The World Is Mines'." 

Geto Boys song "Mind Playing Tricks on Me" is how I feel when life tries to get me to settle for what I don't want. 

"I know the Lord is looking at me, but yet and still it's hard for me to feel happy. I often drift when I drive. Having fatal thoughts of suicide. Bang and get it over with, but that's bullshit." 

Honestly these are just the theme songs of my life currently. They change with my mood. 

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