Thursday, February 6, 2014

#WildflowersUnscripted Embarrassing Moments

Day 6 is all about an embarrassing moment, so I decided to give you several.

1. There was the Valentines Day where I tripped and fell getting on a bus. I was looking good in my green dress and hooker boots. As I tried to step on the bus I missed the first step and lost my balance. I was the first in line. It was sophomore year and I lived in the ghetto on-campus apartments. I remember because I was riding the bus to the other side of campus where a friend lived. I guess my confidence was too high and something needed to bring it down.

2. It was set Friday. I was chatting with a friend when all of a sudden a jacket flew over my head and someone picked me up from the back. It happened so quick and scared me so much, I didn't even scream. The male friend that had thought of the cruel trick put me down a second later and we all fell out laughing. It went from me conversing with one person to surrounded by three others laughing off what had just happened. They thought it was funny and I was laughing out of embarrassment.

3. It was just me and him late one night chilling. Who he is doesn't matter. We were talking and I was eating a cookie. I started choking on the cookie and drinking juice trying to clear my throat. He started laughing. I in turn had to laugh afterwards, but my laughter came out of embarrassment.

4. It was a BET Awards watch party. I knew my friend had dogs, but she had promised to lock them up in her room. There were several of us girls until her boyfriend decided to show up. He bought his big dogs with him. My fear increased, but they were being locked in the room too. All of a sudden there was a big noise and all the dogs came running down the stairs. One made it to where I was sitting and I screamed as it made a noise too. It wasn't the big dogs though. It was just a tiny puppy the same size as a chiwawa. After screaming out of fear, everyone else heard and laughed at me. I had to laugh too because I was embarrassed.

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