Monday, February 10, 2014

#BloodSweatHeels Melyssa Ford Is One of Us

"The energy in this industry has exhausted me. I'm tired. And I will not thump my nose at it. I'm very grateful, but at the same time people only see me as this one dimensional piece of paper on the wall. And I'm like when are you gonna let me grow out of that."--Melyssa Ford

Melyssa Ford is one of us. It's no joke. If you've been watching Bravo's show "Blood, Sweat, and Heels" then you probably thought the story of ex-video vixen, Melyssa Ford was a big fat lie. This is a woman who once partied with the biggest of celebrities. Men paid her rent and for her to fly out and be with them. She wore clothes and shopped at places that our tax refunds couldn't even buy. Plus men overall saw her as a symbol of beauty. Now she's on a show confessing about finally having to be a grown-up at the age of 36.

"I do think Melyssa is in conflict, because I don't think real estate agents host parties for money. I think she just sometimes lets what people think about her affect her progress. And she has to establish that, 'It's not about my body anymore. It's about my brains.'"-Daisy Lewellyn

Just in case you haven't reached the grown-up stage yet, people refer to this part of life as the time where your only focus is on paying bills. It's about the house mortgage, the car note, putting gas in the car, and making sure the lights stay on. It's about stability, as Melyssa mentions in one of the confessions.

"I think I'm looking for stability. It shows maturity and growth in old age."-Melyssa Ford

This realization came after she had a heart to heart talk with Dr. Michael Eric Dyson. The talk was all about how she held a party for rent money, but the whole thing made her feel horrible. All the men there cared about was getting close to her body. She had to throw the party though, because the real estate business is not easy to break into, but bills don't wait for money to start flowing in from a career.

Melyssa Ford is struggling. She's "living 9-5 just to say alive" and like many of us, it's eating at her self esteem during the moments where it becomes overwhelming. I love that she is on television giving us the raw truth about her current struggles. In fact I salute Melyssa because not everyone is brave enough to open up like her.

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