Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Saigon and Erica Jean Might Get Help From Iyanla Vanzant

Of all the couples on the Love and Hip Hop series, Rapper Saigon and his baby mama Erica Jean have been my least favorite. I want to say it's because of all the wrong words their son has learned from watching them argue, but it's deeper than that.

The main reason is because their relationship started off totally wrong and all we've seen is emotional abuse between the two. They had a one night stand and she ended up pregnant. As seen on television, Saigon wasn't even there throughout the whole pregnancy and didn't see his son for the first time until the boy was 8 months old. This is a reality that we had to digest and separate from the television series.

Then after getting acquainted with his son, through the cameras we saw Saigon and Erica J. attempt to have a very destructive relationship. One minute Saigon was contemplating whether he was the father and the next the two were making out. Then they were arguing again. The argument seemed so bad that there were several episodes that the two were not even on camera.

Then when we did see them again they were in counseling. They went from counseling to contemplating moving in together. I knew this was going to be a disaster when Saigon was asking Erica about a possible three-some. How do you move in with the mother of your child with other women on your mind?

Finally the reunion show happened and Saigon admitted he doesn't like any of his baby mamas. I'm guessing this means while he loves sex, he has no real respect for women. It's hard to reason with a man like that, even though Erica desperately wanted to and seems like she still does.

Sister 2 Sister Magazine put out a tweet recently saying Saigon and Erica will be getting help from Iyanla Vanzant. OWN isn't part of Viacom, so this could really be serious. Can Iyanla add order to their dysfunctional relationship? Does she want to? I checked her twitter and there was nothing. However, S2S has the tweets where Saigon talks about going on Fix My Life to deal with his issues. We'll see how that goes in the spring.

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