Thursday, February 27, 2014

Some Albums You Should Have On Repeat

Tatyana Ali Hello
Ashley Banks is all grown up. Remember back in the day when Tatyana Ali decided to start a singing career? She used several platforms, including The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, to sing her songs. While I bought the album back in the day, it's back over a decade since I've wanted to hear a song by Tatyana. However, after listening to Wait For It on The Arsenio Hall show, I was ready to support her again. Tatyana's latest body of work is an EP called Hello, which consists of five songs.Her singing side is saying Hello to us all again and I think you should support her. This is a self promoted album and has nothing to do with any record labels. Listen to Wait for It below and go to iTunes.

Also, this is A clip from the 90's of Tatyana Ali's character Ashley Banks performing on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Solange True
Although most of us bow down to anything the Queen Bey releases, Solange has found her way into my heart within the last few years. About two years ago she had a popular track, Losing You, which played frequently on R&B/Soul radio stations. I also saw the video on late nights. Losing You is just one those songs that reminds you that love does go away, but at the same time it makes you want to dance. Then I forgot all about it until the season finale of Being Mary Jane. There was a scene where you could hear the Losing You instrumentals in the background. That made me youtube the song and from there I discovered she has an EP, True, which consists of 7 songs. My favorite is "Some Things Never Seem To Fucking Work." I even wrote my own poem after listening to that one. So listen to the songs and allow them to put you in some kind of mood. 

Levina Lye Pieces of Me
Okay, Levina Lye's EP Pieces of Me hasn't been released yet, but this is to keep your memories fresh. Click here for the interview I did with the 22 year old artist and stay tuned for her song Fall, which will be released soon. 

Toni Braxton/Kenny Babyface Edmonds Love, Marriage, and Divorce

Who would think an album about love, marriage, and divorce could be so wonderful! For a while Toni Braxton had us thinking she was really quitting music, but thank God Babyface talked her into getting back into that studio. Initially I thought I'd Rather Be Broke was my favorite song, but nope. Then I fell in love with Heart Attack until I played The D Word a million times. There is no favorite on Love, Marriage, and Divorce because they're all extremely good and well written. 

K. Michelle Still No Fucks Given
"Rub your titties if you got nice weave." Listen, don't mess with K. Michelle. She brings the talent and artistically disses you in a way no other artists can. 

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