Tuesday, August 19, 2014

#AtlantaExes 4 Reasons Why These Women Are The GOATS of Celebrity Divorces

Atlanta Exes has aired and clearly these women are the GOATs of celebrity ex-wives.

They have to go to their ex-husbands in order to date new men. We all know CeeLo is the real Queen no matter what woman he dates, so no woman of his can get away with dating new men he doesn't approve of. At least that is his mentality. CeeLo is straight pimping is ex-wife, Christina Johnson, and telling her not to be all out in public with any man. Christina is a pretty woman, but she's so attached to her ex-husband in the first episode they might as well still be married.

Their exes break up with them through social media, but they say only positive words when the spotlight is on them. Monyetta Shaw is a beautiful woman with a beautiful spirit. It hurt my heart when Neyo released that statement via Instagram that they were breaking up. What made it even worse was that Mo was blindsided. She didn't even see it coming, but on this show he is the loving father of her children and she's showing respect.

They need their husbands for relevancy. At least in the first episode they do. Although Christina is being hi-lighted on the show, CeeLo had to make a guest appearance. While Tameka Raymond had a career long before Usher, his name was brought up by her and the other women who had something to say to her. Even at her an event in remembrance of Tameka's son, Torrei Hart had to bring up Usher.

No matter how hard they try, the men they've been attached to might always overshadow them. While this world is nothing without us women, men know how to steal our spotlights. On the same day Atlanta Exes premiered, Kevin Hart got engaged to his girlfriend of many years. Not only is Torrei Hart on a show where she'll reveal her feelings toward Kevin, their relationship, and their divorce, but  he's showing the world just how happy he his with his new woman. That means no one will care about Torrei's story unless she does like Andrea Kelly and bring a fine ass man on the show as her new bae.

So like the addict I am, I'll be tuned in next week again. Did you like it?

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