Sunday, August 24, 2014

My Preparation For Awards Shows

Fashion. Hair. Makeup. Outfits. Post Pregnancy Weight. Who's Who Of The Year.

I know I'm missing a few things. This is the time of the MTV Awards. Everyone's anticipating what all the celebrities will be wearing. We all want to know what Beyonce will surprise us with and which personality Nicki Minaj will showcase. A million other celebrities will catch our attention at the same time.

While the men are a big deal, they could walk on a red carpet looking homeless and it would barely phase us. However, the women are what we pay attention they. They are a reflection of us. We see ourselves in Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora (maybe), Rihanna and whoever else is in the spotlight.

These are usually the times I feel like doing a little splurging on makeup. Why should they be the only ones trying to look good? I'll be getting dressed up, putting on a little eyeshadow and lipstick, and tweeting my heart away tonight about all the rich people.

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