Thursday, August 28, 2014

#PreachersofLA Truth Be Told

Does the Bible condone judging? During an argument on the Preachers of LA episode titled Truth Be Told First Lady LaVette Gibson said the Bible says it's okay to judge.
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You would think everyone will eventually get tired of discussing when Loretta and Bishop Noel Jones is going to finally walk down the aisle together. Maybe one day it'll happen, but not yet. Pastor Ron Gibson and his wife definitely weren't tired of discussing it on last night's episode. The issue went as far as LaVette pointing out that the bible says its okay to judge. After all, judging is what was going on.

The pastors were judging each others lifestyles. They were trying to figure out who was living a better life. Pastor Gibson had definitely made up in his mind that he was living the holier life. At least that's the impression he gives us all. He was passionate about Loretta not being a part of ministry work simply because she's not a wife. Then again maybe it was because he simply did not understand the status of Loretta and Noel's relationship.

Judging is the key word in this all. Upon hearing the statement about judging being okay in the bible I tweeted about that it must have been a mistake. Two people responded with Bible verses to show that judging is accepting.

One verse is John 7:24. This verse states that it is okay to judge a person upon getting to know them. However, judging based on appearances alone is unacceptable. I think the Gibsons were judging based on appearances since they really had nothing else to go off of.

The other is 1 Corinthians 5: 12-13. This states that the people of the church house should not judge outsiders. However, they should be aware of the evil inside the church house so they can keep the evil away from them. Does this verse apply to the situation to you?

Other cast members didn't get as much time during this episode. Pastor Haizlip was seen ministering while Deitrick Haddon was seen spending time with his family. Other cast members were noticeably absent from this episode, but that only means some wise (and no so wise) words will be spoken from them in the future.

You may be wondering why I'm not discussing the after show where Loretta said she would say yes to marrying Noel. I'll get to that one later.

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