Saturday, August 9, 2014

(Poetry) So Anxious~ New Poem/ Throwback Song

So anxious, it’s been a long time coming, and now my emotions are whiling. Yet you keep teasing me, saying different ways of how you want to please me, feeding me fantasies of your long-stroke, saying how you’ll make me scream, and long for more. Oh the many ways we could fuck! So I’m waiting, impatiently waiting, thinking of ideas of how we could start…Like taking clothes off at the door, why wait to get to a bed when wherever we are I can make it wet for you, as long as you hurry and give me some of that good Vitamin D…So anxious I’ll try whatever you want to do…Cause I’m diggin’ on you, you’re diggin’ on me, and it’s all sexually…But I’m so anxious, sitting here with my hands in my you know where, thoughts of you making me play with myself…When are you gonna make this happen? 9 am or 9 pm? Tonight or tomorrow? Do you want me this weekend or is this all a game? I’m so anxious, so let me know what’s up.
And yes, I wrote it. 

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