Thursday, August 14, 2014

#ThrowbackThursday Lil Kim On The Ricki Lake Show

Just after giving birth to Royal Reign, Lil Kim has started making promises of new music for all of us fans. However, there is one fact that is clear. The Kimberly Jones that is releasing music in 2014 is not the Queen Bee that came out with raw, jaw-dropping lyrics in the 90's.

Lil Kim has changed and it is clear in more ways than her physical features. However, the Lil Kim from back in the day wasn't afraid to express herself, show off her beautiful brown skin, and still come off as a sweet woman to everyone around her.

Below is a glimpse at the Queen B that we all miss. She went on The Ricki Lake Show with friends and even received a signature pink wig with the letter R in it. On top of it all, 1997 was clearly a time period where people were actually waiting on Lil Kim to drop new music.

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