Monday, November 7, 2011

Come Cuddle With Me (New 2011 Poem)

Come Cuddle With Me
Cuddle season is here
Finally I need you near
Temperature’s steady dropping
60, 50, 40
My body’s yearning for warmth
Shivering and waiting for you
Nothing else will work
No jacket, sweater or hoodie
Just wrap your arms around me
Claim me for just this season
Rest your hands right above my spot
And pull me close to your chest
Combined body heat keeping us warm
50, 60, 70
Feels like 80 degrees again
No hoodie, sweater, or jacket
Just me, my t-shirt and panties
You and your boxer shorts
Hugged up together
Resting nicely on the couch
Or laid out under the covers in the bed
But hurry up cause I’m cold
And I know you’re lonely
It’s the season of love
Don’t waste it
Don’t wait until it’s over
Take advantage of the time
And hold me

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