Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Reflections: The Little Achievements

Throughout life we get pushed toward success. Once successful we continue to get pushed so we can stay on the success pile. While the pushers see themselves as helpful and encouraging people in our lives, we can start to see them as big bullies. See, bullies are always teasing you and beating you up because of what you haven't gotten right. They never stop to congratulate you once you actually accomplish a goal or look cool. Bullies just find the wrong in everything you do. That is why there comes several moments where you have to stop striving for perfection. You have to stop looking for new achievement. You have to stop listening to the pushers and stop  letting them bully you. Instead you have to reflect on your accomplishments up to that point.

I still have many goals that are growing by the hour, but I also have many little achievements that should never go unnoticed. Below are a few accomplishments that were very special. 

Getting A College Degree In Broadcast Journalism
People, mostly family, keep telling me that my life has been easy up to this point. However, I've shed some tears and had many struggles. One area was getting that bachelor's degree in journalism. During the five years it took me to get the degree there were professors that I was sure had no courage in my skills. There was a day where I had a perfect newsroom experience right until I messed up printing scripts. It was my first time printing the scripts for the newscast so I didn't know to reset the buttons before pressing print. Because of that mistake the professor/news director yelled and I shed tears. The tears didn't come from that one mistake though. They came from the fact that it was almost 5:00 and I had not eaten all day. I was tired and mentally exhausted, so I wasn't in a state of mind to handle any added pressure. That was actually nothing compared to the real exhaustion I faced getting some assignments done, but the degree was worth it all. Writing is my first love after all. 

Having A Regularly Updated Blog 
While I asked people for help, no one actually helped with picking the name of this blog. All I knew is that I needed something that reflected the struggle to success and still managed to include the people struggling to stay successful. This blog is ultimately my baby. No one ever told me to start it, said when to write, or forced me to continue to write. I do it because I love it and that is an accomplishment within itself. 

Realizing I'm A Work In Progress
I'm a work in progress. Many people go throughout their whole lives working on themselves because someone is there point out their flaws. However, one day I woke up and realized I'm a work in progress because I have plans that no one else created for me. I have goals that only I put in my head. So I'm a work in progress, but I know what I need and want to work on. That is an accomplishment. 

Making Little Changes 
This achievement is not complete, but there have been little achievements made within it. For some reason there are folks out there that think I need all the help in the world focusing on something, but the truth is I've excelled at that accomplishment. I'm more focused than ever on a writing career and nothing can change that. 

Another little change has been my hair. I successfully did the big chop and now it's all short and afro'ed up. 

I've also started to find where I fit in this big world. It is definitely not Houston. The first step was visiting California, but I have to go again in order to get a better feel for the state. 

These are just some of my itty bitty achievements that make me smile inside. What about you? Do you have any achievements that you're proud of, but they go unnoticed to the rest of society? 

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