Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Relationship Poem: Free

The following poem was inspired by Zane (the author), Kim Kardashian's quick marriage, and all the young single men around the world. It's called "Free" so read it and let me know if you feel liberated at the end. 

I called 
He came 
And just like that we became 
Two beautiful people sneaking around
In the middle of the night
He made it just in time
Didn’t want our passion to drive us insane
Too many articles of clothing weighing us down
First went my t-shirt
No bra, no panties
Then he got undressed
Clothes flying everywhere
Boxers landing on the ceiling fan
Starting in the living room 
Making the couch the perfect spot
As he sat I climbed on top 
Back and forth I worked my hips
In and out he thrusts his dick
Until together we came
But instead of pulling out
We held onto each other
An attempt to never let go
But it wasn’t over
He whispered “I want more”
Our passion continued 
Ecstasy filled every room
Until our eyes couldn’t take anymore
And the next morning I woke up
He was gone
Just a hint of his cologne in the air
But that’s how it’s meant to be
We’re both single
But in order to keep our sanity we must stay free

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